With so many beautiful towns and villages surrounding us, we made a small selection of places that might interest you.

Narbonne is a nice town with shopping streets, around the 13th century Cathedral and town square. It has boulevards along the canal with cafes and restaurants and attractive squares. The famous Art Deco "Les Halles" market is also worth a visit. Narbonne is a provincial capital of Roman times, with ancient monuments and museums.

Lagrasse is famed for its Abbey (founded in 799), Medieval houses, streets and a lovely 12th century hump backed bridge. The village is now home to numerous pottery workers and artists. It is listed as a "Plus Beaux Villages de France" .

Minerve is a miraculous village that is perched over two rivers, the Cesse and the Brian, and is surrounded by deep gorges. During the Middle Ages, this town was a refuge for the Cathar heretics. Around and about the village are wonderful walks. The river Cessiere tunnels under a hill, next to the village and one can, if the water's not too high, walk through this tunnel. It is also listed as a "Plus Beaux Villages de France".

Caunes-Minervois is a medieval village of winding streets and sand-colored stone buildings, surrounding the great 8th Century Abbey that lies at its heart. The marble from this area decorates the Trianon of Versailles and the Opera of Paris.

Gruissan is a little village along the coast. You can visit "Tour Barberousse" with remains of a castle that was built at the end of the 10th century. The tour offers an amazing view of the area. Something else unique is the salt farm of Gruissan, where you can also eat fresh oysters overlooking the salt pans.
Towns & Villages
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