The Canal du Midi was built between 1667 and 1694 and it is a 360-km network of waterways linking the Atlantic to the Mediterranean through 328 structures of locks, bridges and aquaducts. It winds its way through the delightful landscapes and villages.

Some of our favorite villages along the canal are Le Somail and Homps, where it is nice to sit at the bank of the canal, in one of the cafes or restaurants, and enjoy all the boats that go by. If you like books, Le Somail has a nice Antique & 2nd-hand bookstore.

You can enjoy the natural beauty of the Canal du Midi in many different ways. There are boats that can take you on a little trip on the Canal du Midi. It's also a wonderful place to go cycling, and we can reserve bikes for you in Homps. Walking along its shores is also wonderful.

Since 1996 Canal du Midi is on UNESCO’s World Heritage list.
Canal du Midi
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